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Electron Microscopy (Brno, March 14-15th, 2016)

Karel Riha


Electron microscopy (EM) is a traditional tool for examining biological objects, dimensions of which are below the resolution of light microscopy. Recent decades have witnessed a boom of applications in EM that have become very instrumental in revealing molecular and cellular structures at atomic resolution. These applications include structural cryo-EM studies of large macromolecular complexes or 3D electron tomography that allows examination of supra-molecular complexes in cellular context. The primary objective of this workshop is to expose students to techniques and approaches that utilize electron microscopy and discuss their applications in analysis of chromosome-related processes.

  • To introduce basic concepts in electron microscopy.
  • To provide an overview of EM applications in cellular and molecular biology
  • To gain hands-on experience with sample preparation and retrieving and analyzing EM data.
  • To discuss application of EM techniques in projects related to chromosome biology.

Content of the workshop
  • Lectures by distinguished scientists in the field of EM
  • Demonstration of EM instruments and hands-on sample preparation and analysis
  • Examples of computational analysis of EM dates
  • Guided tour through the FEI manufacturing facility

Workshop Contributors

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