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Career Development


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Obtaining a PhD degree is an obligatory requirement to continue an academic career, but there are numerous options for professional activities of well-educated scientists. The growing number of people with academic education, the steep pyramid between potential applicants and factual tenured positions, more and more restricted resources especially for basic research, and not least the requirement for high geographical and cultural mobility let even the most successful graduates consider alternative careers.


To familiarize DK students with the whole range of professional opportunities, we plan

  • To invite successful representatives in several professions, holding a PhD in life sciences
  • To make their experience available to the students
  • To provide an opportunity for the students to evaluate chances and limits in the different fields
  • To provide opportunities for network formation
  • To strengthen self-confidence of each student to make an informed decision about his/her future plans


  • Personal reports representatives from scientists working in industry, communication, media, publishing, patenting and licensing, public education, grant agencies
  • Interaction of the representatives with the students
  • Group work on selected examples from the respective professional duties


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