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Course Outline

Recommended lectures and seminars:
Students are free to choose out of the pool of recommended lectures (including Epigenetics, Chromosome Biology and Cytogenetics, Genetics of Plants, Transmission Genetics, Lecture series on Chromatin Structure and Function, Lecture Series on Chromosomes and Nuclear Structure).

Lecture Series Chromosome Dynamics: There will be a lecture series in winter term, held by the faculty of the program and related groups. Students will receive a two-hour lecture per week about the state of the art in the PI´s field of research and the PI´s ongoing research.

Progress report/journal club series: There will be a progress report/journal club seminar every week. Every week either two progress reports will be given by students of the program or two publications will be discussed.

Internal group seminars (no credits): Each student will participate in the meetings of his/her research group, consisting of informal work-in-progress seminars and journal clubs.

Workshops: One of the unique activities of this program will be workshops with special topics, not covered otherwise. These workshops will be organized by one of the participating faculty and include external experts. For more detailed information please refer to the Workshops page.

Annual retreat: Each year, there will be a one-day retreat outside of Vienna including all students and PIs with presentations from all students within the program.

Organization and attendance of conference: Students will organize an international conference in Vienna on a topic related to the program.

Attendance of international conference: Each student within the program has to attend at least one international conference and present her or his thesis topic. Credits will be given for up to three attended conferences.

Work in foreign laboratories: Each student will need to complete at least one stay in a laboratory of one of the outside collaborators.

External lecture series “Chromosome Dynamics” (no credits): Internationally renowned experts in the field of chromosome biology will be invited to Vienna to give a talk and to meet with the students for discussions.

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