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Peter Schlögelhofer


Research in current day molecular biology widely uses techniques that no longer monitor a single gene, transcript or protein but encompass all genes, all transcripts or all proteins of a given organism or cell at a certain time. The given workshop is dedicated to proteins and proteome-wide techniques involving mass spectrometry. Proteomics led to important discoveries and to a very steep increase of available data. Large-scale data has to be handled and administrated properly so that meaningful analysis can be performed. No doubt, future research will inevitably demand both, a solid knowledge of “-omics” techniques and also the proficiency to evaluate large-scale data sets. Young researchers therefore need to be familiar with these techniques to appropriately integrate them into their research, to understand their applications and limitations and to be acquainted with the needed software skills to interpret data sets.

  • To introduce students to proteome-wide analysis using mass spectrometry
  • To introduce the possible applications and limitations
  • To introduce the software needed to handle and interpret proteomic large-scale data sets


  • Introduction to Proteomics by on-site experts
  • Introduction to software packages by on-site experts
  • Lectures by company representatives introducing their instruments and techniques including practical demonstrations
  • Hands-on tuition to use software related to data-interpretation and retrieval
  • Lectures by distinguished scientists utilizing mass spectrometry as a research tool


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