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Large-scale "OMIC" Techniques (part II: Feb. 26th-27th 2015)

Peter Schlögelhofer


Research in current day molecular biology widely uses techniques that no longer monitor a single gene, transcription event or protein but encompass all genes, all transcripts or all proteins of a given organism or cell. These “-omic” techniques led to important discoveries and to an extremely steep increase of available data. Future studies will clearly make more use of these new techniques and/or rely on already existing data sets. All young researchers therefore need to be familiar with these genome-/transcriptome-/protein-wide techniques to appropriately integrate them into their research, to understand their applications and limitations and to be acquainted with the needed software skills to interpret data sets.

  • To introduce students to genome-/transcriptome-/proteome-wide analysis
  • To introduce the possible applications and limitations
  • To introduce the software needed to handle and interpret (different) large-scale data sets

Content of the workshop
  • Oral lectures by distinguished scientists
  • Oral lectures by company representatives introducing their instruments and techniques including practical demonstrations
  • Hands-on tuition to use software related to data-interpretation and retrieval

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