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Scientific Presentation (Oct. 17th-18th, 2014)

Ortrun Mittelsten Scheid


Even brilliant scientific results will not get the attention and appreciation they deserve, if they are not made accessible to peers and public. Besides conducting high-level research, the challenge within the Graduate Program remains to communicate the results to others. Within this workshop, we intend to teach students to present their achievements in written and oral form, to the scientific community and the general public.

  • To make students aware of the need of scientific communication
  • To characterize the different ways of scientific presentations
  • To demonstrate tools and formats for presentations
  • To structure a presentation from the idea to the final version
  • To practice scientific communication

Content of the workshop
  • Oral presentation for scientists: lab meetings, institute talks, conference talks, lectures
  • Written presentations for scientists: posters, theses, publications, grant applications
  • Oral presentations for the public: interviews, lectures, addressing children


The workshop took place at the Max F. Perutz Laboratories and was held by the presentation specialists of HPS-Training. In order to increase interaction with the trainers and offer the best possible learning experience, students were split in two groups, lead by Dr. Schien Ninan and Mag. Anita Dall, MBA.

presentation_group 1Group 1 with their trainer Anita Dall

presentation_group 2

Group 2 with their trainer Schien Ninan

The training started with short presentations held by the students - they were recorded and analyzed with the trainers and all colleagues. After each training session, students repeated their presentations and could see how the newly learned techniques improved their presentations skills right away.


The second day started with a recapitulation of the discussed presentation techniques. More presentations together with video analysis helped to put the newly acquired knowledge to work.



The interactive nature of the workshop was very well received and one could already see big improvements of the students' presentation skills during the DK retreat that took place shortly after the workshop.

Max Perutz Labs_new